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Travelycars guarantees that the hygienic-sanitary products used in any phase of this protocol have been approved by the Ministry of Health of Spain.

It is a guide to good practices with a written commitment to comply. It will be published on its website, and will be specified in an annex to the contract.

The protocol is made visible with the travelycars Anti COVID-19 seal, this stamp will be displayed on the premises as well as on social media, advertising and company documents.


The badge exclusively guarantees that the company complies with this demanding protocol, which includes a wide range of security and hygiene measures for future rentals. It is about ensuring the safety of both workers and customers who come to our facilities for the purchase or rental of a caravan vehicle.

In addition to the general indications provided by the World Health Organization (keep the safety distance, frequently wash your hands, frequent cleaning of surfaces, etc.), among the measures in this “open” document, to which new Information, recommendations or instructions, depending on the evolution and / or eventual expansion of the virus, include:

  • The use of hydrogen peroxide and / or ozone as the main product for disinfecting caravans and motorhomes. Hydrogen peroxide, currently used for the disinfection of official vehicles, residences, schools, etc., can be misted and is authorized and registered by the Ministry of Health. In addition, and to offer greater guarantees and eliminate odors, ozone cleaning can be reinforced.

  • Have disposable gloves and protective masks, as well as hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at the entrance to the facilities and inform customers of the security measures before entering (email, posters, brochures ...).

  • The recommendation to install separation screens on counters and work tables where it is not possible to maintain the minimum safety distance of 2 m (for departments where telework cannot be carried out, which is the recommended option whenever possible).

  • Have a laser thermometer for daily temperature control of employees and, optionally, for customers.

  • Keep coffee machines, water, etc. out of service. and offer customers individual water bottles.

  • Attend to clients, preferably, by appointment and indicate in the establishment the areas where the client must be placed, using methacrylate screens at the reception and accompanying the client to the waiting area in case they cannot be attended immediately upon arrival, and that the safety distance cannot be maintained.

In addition, the protocol includes recommendations for vehicle driving tests; reception and cleaning of vehicles for rental; vehicle delivery and after-sales service, waste management, etc.

From Travelycars we intend with this sanitary protocol to guarantee the safety and health of all our employees and, of course, of our clients. Now that our companies are reopened, it is essential that customers can buy or rent any motorhome or camper with the peace of mind of taking a perfectly sanitized vehicle.

Our seal "travelycars ANTI Covid" guarantees this maximum sanitary security and the distinctive ANTI COVID will be found by customers in everything related to the activity of our brand. With the fulfillment of these measures, the caravanning is emerging this year, more than ever, in the safest vacation option, given its characteristics of a home vehicle that allows it to comply with the measures recommended by Insulation Health and Hygiene.

Good trip

Sello Anti Covid-19
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